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9 Compelling Statistics About the Opioid Crisis in America

What if I were to tell you that the opioid crisis is tearing our local community to apart? What if I were to invite you to be a part of the solution? Would you consider helping out? Before you become part of the solution, we would like to invite you to take a quite look at 9 compelling statistics about the opioid crisis in America that should motivate all of us to action.

9 Compelling Statistics About the Opioid Crisis in America

9 Compelling Statistics About the Opioid Crisis in America:

  1. Only 1 in 10 people with addictions such as opioids will walk through the doors of a clinic to get help. (Kenosha News)

  2. Ten people overdosed on opioids in the city of Kenosha over a four-day period in April of this year. The oldest was 64 and the youngest 29. Most were men. (Kenosha News)

  3. In 2017, there were over 47,000 opioid overdose deaths in the United States—more than from automobile accidents or firearm-related homicides. (LiveStories.com)

  4. 70 people died from opioid overdose in Lake County in 2018. (Chicago Tribune)

  5. In a study of over 68,000 High School students, 11% reported some form of non-medical opioid use and 2% reported frequent use. (NYU Study)

  6. More than 70% of people 12 and older who abuse prescription drugs say they get them from a friend or relative. (NYU Study)

  7. One baby is born with neonatal withdrawal syndrome every 15 minutes in the United States. (DrugAbuse.gov)

  8. About 75% of the people battling substance abuse issues also face a mental health challenge. (Kenosha News)

  9. Roughly 21 to 29 percent of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain misuse them. (DrugAbuse.gov)

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