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7 Steps You Can Take to Prepare for a 5K

Running a 5K sounds painful for some of us. Yes. That's you.

We know who you are. You didn't exercise near as much this summer as you wanted to. You are trying to get more active. But for some reason, finding time to workout has been tough.

We understand. We really do.

Perhaps you are someone who likes to exercise and maybe does so somewhat frequently. But the thought of walking or running a 5K sounds like something you want to prepare for.

Good decision. We recommend preparing if you can.

Here's how:

1) Make sure you have good running or walking shoes

Have you ever been on your feet in the yard for an afternoon only to feel your feet throbbing at the end? Sometimes that happens because you wore your old shoes that are better off in the dumpster than on anyone's feet.

2) Speak with a medical professional if you haven't exercised in a while

The last thing we want to happen is for someone to get injured. We recommend that you speak with a medical professional before participating in the 5K so that you can be sure that it is safe for you to participate.

Nothing beats sound medical advice that is tailored for your specific situation. (Note: None of the content in this post should be considered medical or legal advice. Please consult a medical professional for medical advice as none of the information in this article should be construed as nor is it meant to be medical advice.)

3) Take a few short walks

You can start by walking around your neighborhood. If you would rather walk around a track, find one nearby or go walk around Lake Andrea at the Rec Plex in Pleasant Prairie. (Pro tip: That is a good way to get used to the location where you will be running or walking during the Fight The Crisis 5K.)

"Only 1 in 10 people with addictions such as opioids will walk through the doors of a clinic to get help. Ten people overdosed on opioids in the city of Kenosha over a four-day period in April of 2019. The oldest was 64 and the youngest 29. Most were men." For more, read: "9 Compelling Statistics About the Opioid Crisis in America"

4) Eat healthy

The last thing you want to happen is for you to feel sick on the day of the race. Take care of yourself, eat healthy, and be careful not to overeat so that you will have lots of energy on race day.

5) Get plenty of rest

Did you know that your body recuperates while you sleep? Give your body a chance to recharge by making sure you get enough rest each night. Otherwise you might find yourself much more exhausted than necessary on race day.

6) Drink More Water

If you are drinking 1-2 bottles of water a day, double it. If you never drink water, now is the time to start. If you drink quite a bit of water, chances are that you could probably drink more. Water is good for you and its free.

7) Exercise With A Friend

Friends help friends exercise. None of us will ever be as consistent as we should be without someone else holding us accountable. Find a friend or family member that will take some walks with you (and invite them to register for the "Fight The Crisis 5K."

(Disclaimer: None of the ideas mentioned in this article is meant to be medical or professional advice. We simply want to give ideas to help you get ready for your next 5K (preferably the Fight The Crisis 5K). We recommend all participants speak with a licensed medical professional before participating in any physical activity to ensure what you are doing is appropriate for your health.)

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