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10 Easy Ways to Help the "Fight The Crisis 5K" on October 19th

Racers will line up. Laces will be tied. Parents will place small children safely in a stroller. Students will fill up water bottles and take selfies. Volunteers will move around getting all the last minute preparations completed. Last minute arrivals will scurry to join the crowd before arriving too late.

To make all this happen, we rely on many volunteers. Just. Like. You.

That's right. We need you.

This year we want to help you see all the ways that you can still get involved to help us out at the Fight The Crisis 5K. Read below for a list of ways you can help.

10 Easy Ways to Help the "Fight The Crisis 5K" on October 19th

1) Register for the event

Knowing how many people are coming helps us to prepare for the right number of participants. Take a minute and get registered for the 5K! (Don't worry, there will be both runners and walkers.)

2) Volunteer to serve on the social media team

Your job will include posting pictures, helping participants take pictures, shooting video, and much more. You will help the world to know about the 5K as it happens! Sign-up to volunteer.

3) Help on the setup team

Volunteers who help on the setup team can expect to arrive early. You might help someone setup a table, put up a sign, stack waters on a refreshment table, or some other part of the race. You are someone who likes to arrive early and doesn't mind doing what they are asked to help a good cause.

4) Call local businesses and running clubs to invite them

You can help us get the word out simply by using your phone from home. That sounds easy right? There are too many places for us to call all of them without relying on our volunteers for help (especially the week of the event.)

5) Spread the word online

Most of us have an Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or other account. What if you took it upon yourself to make sure everyone you knew was well aware of the Fight The Crisis 5K? What if you asked a few friends to help you out so that you could multiply your impact? That would be incredible!

6) Help clean up the site afterwards

We appreciate the Rec Plex allowing us to host the Fight The Crisis 5K at the Rec Plex on October 19th. The last thing we want to do is frustrate them by leaving a mess behind. You could help us leave a good impression on the Rec Plex and the entire city of Pleasant Prairie by staying for a few minutes after the race to help us clean up.

7) Put up posters around town

Did you know that we have given out over 500 posters to local businesses in Antioch, Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha, and Zion? We still need to give a few more businesses a poster. Could you give us 1-2 hours of your time? Let us know.

8) Safety and Security

The last thing we want is for anyone to get hurt during the race. You could help us keep an eye on the area to ensure everyone enjoys a safe and fun race.

9) Registration Table

Have a knack for detail? Like to keep things organized? You would probably be a great volunteer to serve at the registration table on the day of the event.

10) Anywhere Needed

We love people like you. Even if you don't know how you would be helpful, make sure to sign up to volunteer so that we can deploy you where needed before or during the event. To volunteer before, during, or after the Fight The Crisis 5K at the Rec Plex in Pleasant Prairie, WI on October 19th, click here.

(Note: This event is especially open to anyone in the surrounding around. We expect to have runners and volunteers come in from Kenosha, WI; Antioch, IL; Bristol, WI; Zion, IL, Gurnee, IL, Waukegan, IL, Racine, WI, and many more communities as far out as Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI.)

If you would like to learn more or register for the "Fight The Crisis 5K" this year, look us up on the website. We are happy to answer any questions and appreciate all our volunteers who are doing so much to help prepare for the event.

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